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Berlin Fashion week February 7, 2024  Yoonaverse, currently in its 5th edition as part of Berlin Fashion Week, is delving into key global topics, shaping discussions around the intersection of fashion and technology next to live streaming of Fashion Shows—a Space Enriched with Panoramics of Authentic Berlin, Including the Iconic Berlin Clock. As the event progresses into its final day on February 8, 2024, attendees have had the opportunity to explore diverse themes, with each day focusing on a specific area of significance. 


Day 1: Fashion and Technology: 

The first day of Yoonaverse set the tone by spotlighting the dynamic relationship between fashion and technology. Attendees engaged in discussions and sessions exploring how digital transformation is reshaping the fashion landscape. Panel talks and webinars provided insights into innovative technologies such as generative AI, immersive shopping, and digital marketing. 

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Day 2: Sustainability: 

Yoonaverse’s commitment to sustainability took center stage on the second day. The event featured in-depth conversations and presentations addressing the pressing need for sustainable practices within the fashion industry. Participants had the opportunity to explore strategies and solutions for a more eco-conscious and socially responsible future. 


Day 3: Web 3: 

Day 3 at Yoonaverse shifted the focus to the evolving landscape of Web 3. Attendees delved into discussions on the decentralized web, blockchain technology, and their implications for the fashion sector. The day provided a platform to explore how Web 3 is influencing digital innovation and reshaping traditional business models.

Outside metaverse Visitor View


Day 4: Berlin Change Makers: 

As Yoonaverse reaches its concluding day, the spotlight is on Berlin Change Makers. This theme brings together individuals and organizations driving positive change within the fashion and technology realms. The agenda includes talks, presentations, and live discussions featuring influential figures making significant contributions to the Berlin fashion landscape.

Metaverse Visitor view


Live Speakers and Talks: 

Some of the live speakers and talks include GS1 Germany GmbH & Anna Franziska Michel CEO,, Jana Impari- Chief of Design & Owner, IMPARI, Lior Weizman- Vice President, SAP, Elle Langer- CEO, Pimento Formate GmbH, Jennifer von Walderdorff – Author, Look @ the Labels, Miriam Janke, COO, Sensit. (full program enclosed) 

Live Speech Conference


Live Catwalks

The immersive space allows people from all around the globe to experience the live shows happening in Berlin during this week LD-13, GlückClothes, SF10G, IMPARI, Richert Beil, Marc Cain, DAMUR GmbH, and NAMILA. (full program enclosed)

Screens show Live Catwalks

Access and Additional Information: 


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About Yoonaverse: 

Yoonaverse is the digital part of Berlin Fashion Week, a series of events dedicated to exploring the intersection of fashion and technology, fostering discussions on digital transformation, sustainability, and innovation within the fashion industry and breaking boundaries of physicality for a global audience. 

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