Actor Prabhas donates an amount of Rs. four crores towards Covid-19 relief


We are well aware of the recent outbreak of Covid-19 or popularly known as coronavirus that has affected the everyone and continues to spread. Everyone is doing their bit to prevent the spread of the pandemic amongst the population in different ways. Pan India star Prabhas has stepped forward and extended his support in doing his bit by marking a massive contribution in order to curb the spread of coronavirus and assist the administration with their public policies.


Prabhas donated an amount of Rs. 4 Crores for Covid-19, out of which an amount of 3 Crores is given to PM relief fund for the country, 50 Lakhs to Andhra Pradesh CM relief fund and 50 Lakhs to Telangana CM relief fund. It’s commendable how the actor has stepped forward in helping the government with his support at a time when not just the state but also, the nation is facing trying times and has made us proud, yet again.

The amount that the actor has donated is just a way of giving back to the society and is a way to thank his fans for the hulking support he has been received since the very beginning.

Prabhas is truly our Baahubali not just in real life but even real life. Setting the right example, this will definitely inspire more people to extend their hand of support towards the initiatives owing to the massive fandom that he holds. Prabhas is not just a star in the land but has an appeal that soars high, worldwide.

Actor Prabhas donates an amount of Rs. four crores towards Covid-19 relief

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