A Young Goan Designer Pays Ode To Vincent Van Gogh As His Art Travels Across India

A Young Goan Designer Pays Ode To Vincent Van Gogh As His Art Travels Across India

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Van Gogh’s 360-degree art exhibition debuted in India and has been travelling to different cities since January 2023. It is an immersive experience that provides a dynamic full size view of 300 of the Dutch painter’s choicest works. The visitors can sit or lie flat on their backs to marvel at the paintings of Vincent Van Gogh. The show is currently airing in Delhi.

Paying ode to the genius of artist through the medium of fashion was young designer, Jessica Colaco from JD School of Design, Goa at recently concluded JD Design Awards 2023. Inspired by Van Gogh’s, ‘Starry Nights,’ the student created an evening wear collection, ‘A Letter to Van Gogh.’ The garments consisted of the elements of the iconic work which were all hand-painted like the brush strokes with the blue sky, yellow and white circular stars and the crescent moon. Jessica says, “Vincent Van Gogh is my favourite artist as he inspires me a lot in various ways. Art can be anything when one has patience and passion for it. The fact that he never gave up on art even when he was not well keeps me going.” She further added, “I love all of his paintings but my favourite one is, ‘The Starry Night.’ Most of the times the art is seen only on the walls, but being an artist and a fashion student I want to show and express my art on different mediums.”

For her collection that pays tribute to Vincent Van Gogh, designer Jessica Colaco was awarded the Most Innovative Collection Award at the JD Design Awards 2023 Goa edition.


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