A Symphony of Southern Odyssey Flavors: Neuma Welcomes the Southern Odyssey Pop-Up


After the first successful kitchen collab, the “Parsi” pop up with Chef Viraf, Karan Johar’s restaurant, Neuma, Mumbai’s beloved epicurean hotspot, announces its latest kitchen collab: the ‘Southern Odyssey’ Pop-Up. Neuma has long been celebrated for its timeless charm, inviting ambiance, impeccable service, and exceptional cuisine. Now, it’s poised to elevate your dining experience with a collaboration that is as heartfelt as it is delicious.

The Southern Odyssey Pop-Up is a passion project that has been meticulously crafted by the brainchild behind Mahe Goa, Chefs Sandeep Sreedharan and Sophie Radtke, two culinary maestros fluent in the universal language of love – food. Sandeep, with over a decade of expertise in South Indian Southern Odyssey cuisine, has been on a relentless quest to make comfort food both accessible and unforgettable. Sophie complements his culinary approach by infusing global elements to ensure its appeal to European tastes. Over the past few months, they’ve crisscrossed continents, channeling their unparalleled passion into their craft. The result? A sensational plated comfort menu that transcends the boundaries of pop-ups, dinners, and private events.

Gaurav Batra, the Brand Head at Neuma, enthusiastically shares that  “The Kitchen Collab Project at Neuma has established itself as a credible voice. The Coastal PopUp is a special one close to our hearts, thanks to the creative partner duo. We are delighted to extend our culinary frontiers with innovation & deliver on the all-heart Neuma promise.”

The menu features Grilled Tiger Prawn Balchao, a zesty delight of spicy tiger prawns marinated in Goan Balchao, Crispy Kerala Fried Chicken inspired by North Kerala’s street food, and Spiced Paneer in Banana Leaf for a burst of Malabar flavours. Try the Doodhi Carpaccio with a coconut-yoghurt dressing and Grilled King Oyster Mushroom with Mangalorean Gassi, a spicy curry served with umami mushrooms and crispy rice roti. Chef Sandeep’s Kori Gassi, the Mangalorean pulled chicken with rice roti and Red Snapper in Banana Leaf offer more Malabar delights. For a unique twist, enjoy Tempered Curd Rice with Cashew 65, Jackfruit Pepper Fry on Plantain Fritters, and end your meal on a sweet note with Payasam Mousse and Banana Compote.

Chef Sandeep Sreedharan states that “Cooking is a journey of flavor’s. With the Southern Odyssey Pop-Up at Neuma, we invite you to savor the essence of South Indian Southern Odyssey coastal cuisine, where each dish is a story waiting to be told on your palate.”

Whether you’re a seasoned gourmet or simply someone who loves good food, this pop-up is bound to tickle your taste buds and leave you with unforgettable memories.

Don’t miss this extraordinary culinary adventure – The Southern Odyssey Pop-Up at Neuma. Get ready to savor the flavors of the South Indian coast right here in Mumbai.

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